Mom Furious After Finding ‘Drugs’ In Daughter’s Room

Jun 7, 2016 at 10:05 am |

Things aren’t always what they seem

As parents we want to make sure we’re giving our kids the best start in life and protect them from all the dangers out there. It’s a hard balance between keeping your cool and allowing your child to make mistakes.

But, when it comes to substance abuse, it’s not the time to let your child sink or swim so when one mom discovered “drugs” in her teen daughter’s room, she did what any mother would do.

She confronted her child and demanded answers.

But, what her daughter told her isn’t what she expected… and maybe she didn’t do the right thing.

Credit: Twitter / @abcbanks3

Credit: Twitter / @abcbanks3

She went into her room to find a calculator and learned a big, unexpected lesson.

When the mom found out the truth, she was shocked!