Mom Guilt Is Real And It’s Time We Put An End To It!

Sep 14, 2016 at 10:43 am |

Let’s #EndMomGuilt

If you’re a mom, you’ve at one point or another – or still right this very second! – have experienced the dreaded MOM GUILT.

Ah yes, you know it. You’ve felt guilty for one reason or another.

You may have felt mom guilt for having planned a natural birth only to have required an epidural.

You may have felt mom guilt for trying to breastfeed your baby, but coming to realize that you weren’t producing enough milk.

One post is aiming to put an end to that nagging feeling we’re doing something wrong and she NAILS it!

stressed mom

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Whether it someone else judging us and making us question our parenting or if we’re just too hard on ourselves, we need to stop!

Why did this Facebook video go viral?