Mom Is Criticized For Embarrassing Her Son Online After He Bullied A Girl

Mar 10, 2016 at 3:03 pm |

I get her point but…

It is time we STOMP OUT BULLYING and I could not have said it better  then the site that is empowering us to teach our children the right way on dealing with others.

If your child’s school calls you and tells you that your child is bullying other kids, if other parents are complaining to you that your child is bullying their child, or if you notice that your child is constantly getting into fights … take a deep breath and admit that your child has a problem.

Many parents will take the stance of denial or feel that others are being mean to their child. It takes a courageous and open parent to realize that their child has a problem and that they need help.

Terri Day Evans took to Facebook to shame her son after he stamped on another pupil’s foot at school – and the post went viral.

Does It Make It OK For A Parent To Humiliate A Child For Their Bullying