Mom Is Shocked By What Happened To Her Son After She Gave Him Ibuprofen

Apr 11, 2016 at 2:09 pm |

A message every mother must read!

I am very, very conservative when it comes to giving my children over-the-counter medicine. During most times, I try to make them tough it out as I don’t want to give them syrup or children’s Tylenol each time they do so much as cough.

Mom Hayley Lyons learned the hard way when she gave her son Lewis a dose of ibuprofen after he came down with a serious case of chickenpox. He cried when he developed a temperature and Hayley did what she figured most moms would do at that point, but what happened next completely stunned her! That’s why she’s reaching out to other moms with her serious warning about ibuprofen.


Photo Credit: Manchester Evening News

Hayley Lyons son had a very scary reaction to a common children’s medication after she gave it to him when he had chickenpox.

Here’s why you should not give ibuprofen to children with chickenpox.