Mom Issues Warning To Others After Her Baby Develops Lifelong Condition From A Kiss

Sep 21, 2016 at 10:26 am |

Think before you kiss!

I didn’t realize this at the time, but I would often allow other family members and friends (and never strangers, of course), to hold, kiss and cuddle my babies when they were younger. It gave me a bit of a break and it will also nice to see loved ones bond with my children. I mean, I’m sure someone gave them a kiss on the cheek here and there without me realizing it but I was ok with it at the time.

Now though I would definitely be way more cautious about allowing other people to hold and kiss my baby, especially after reading this warning from a mother who did the same thing. She’s telling parents to “think before you kiss a baby” after her child contracted got really, really sick.

You’ve got to hear what she says.


Credit: Facebook / Amy Stinton

This mother is sharing photos of her baby, who got herpes after someone with a cold sore kissed him.

Be careful the next time someone wants to kiss your baby…