Mom Of Quintuplets Admits That Some Days It Can All Be ‘A Little Bit Too Much’

I had my kids quite close together. There's only 5 years between the four of them, and I often find myself now wondering how I made it through those first 5 years or so.I do remember at the time thinking that single parents and parents of multiples were my heroes, because I knew how hard it was for me, I couldn't imagine doing it alone of with more than one baby at a time.I still think single parents and parents of multiples are heroes, because raising babies is hard work!I couldn't, however, even begin to imagine what life would be like having quintuplets, like Aussie mom Kim Tucci who just delivered her quints in January.[ad type="aboveimagead1"]
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Kelli Catana

Kelli Catana is a Canadian living in the US with a longstanding love affair with entertainment news and celebrity gossip. She has written about it for some of the most popular websites in both Canada and the US including Entertainment Tonight Canada, I'm Not Obsessed and Babble. When she's not chauffeuring her 4 kids back and forth to the rink for various hockey and figure skating activities, she can be found glued to Netflix or reading a great book.

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