Mom Of Special Needs Child Thanks Target For Their Awesome New Carts!

May 9, 2016 at 11:53 am |

'I would like to interrupt the "pissing match" '

Oh, how do we love Target, let us count the ways!

Seriously, I think most of us love Target not just for their awesome selection of house wares and super affordable yet cute clothes, but because we can go there with our kids and not have to endure constant meltdowns because they’re so accomodating.

Just a few months ago we wrote about how Target was introducing a new shopping cart concept to help those with physical disabilities be able to more easily navigate the store. We loved the idea at the time, but now we love it even more.

Target’s new shopping carts are changing everything for one family, in an amazing way!

See how these carts have changed everything for one family