Mom Outraged Over Ridiculous Fee Airline Charged Her For Helping Her Autistic Son

Oct 21, 2016 at 11:40 am |

I know airlines have to make money, but this is ridiculous.

Well over twenty years ago, my sister and I flew by ourselves from the United States to Europe to spend our summer with our distant relatives. We had a connection in New York City and because I was just 16 and my sister was 11, my parents asked the airline to help escort us from one gate to the other, just in case we’d get lost (it was JFK airport after all) or worse, missed our connecting flight altogether. One airline employee happily obliged and escorted us from point a to point b without any problems.

The best part? There was no additional fee. The airline did it at no extra cost. And because this was before cell phones were commonly used, the pilot of our plane actually called my parents to let them know we were safe and sound and ready to take off. Looking back at it, it was a great, smooth experience because of the wonderful customer service we received.

Unfortunately though, times have changed and with those changes we’re given big BIG fees we have to cough up. That’s why one mother is absolutely outraged when one airline charged her a ridiculous fee for helping her autistic son get from one get to another!

child airplane

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All she needed was to have her son escorted to his boarding gate.

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