Mom Receives Incredible Act Of Kindness From A Stranger After Her Car Breaks Down

Jul 30, 2016 at 12:38 am |

People really are great

Sometimes it’s hard to remember that people are really amazing. Yes, we all have our moments where we have to deal with people who make us want to stab ourselves in the eyes with a rusty spoon, but there are so many other people that do just really great things for us.

Tawny Nelson’s night was going from bad to worse when she found herself stranded with a broken down car with her 4 kids, until a kind stranger did something that made a huge difference.


Credit: Shutterstock

After her car broke down and she was stranded with her 4 kids, a complete stranger came to Tawny Nelson’s aid and made a huge difference.

See how a simple act of kindness made the world of difference