Mom Sacrifices Her Life To Save Son From Drowning

Aug 30, 2016 at 9:54 am |

A mother’s love saved her son’s life.

As parents, many of us are well acquainted with the feeling that we would do anything to save our kids. From the moment we lay eyes on our children, we know that we would love and cherish them no matter what — and that, given the choice, we would most definitely sacrifice anything for them.

We sacrifice a lot for our children as parents our entire lives. Our sleep, our sanity, our bodies, our once-clean cars. And even though we may know that we would put down on our lives for our children’s, we don’t really hope that we would ever have to do that.

But one mother had to make the ultimate choice for her child.

Credit: CBS News

Credit: CBS News

She made the ultimate sacrifice to save her child in extraordinary circumstances.

Find out the incredible sacrifice that this mother made.