Mom Saved Her Daughter From An Online Sexual Predator After Checking Her Text Messages

Feb 22, 2016 at 4:30 am |

How one mom's vigilance in monitoring her daughters texts possibly saved her life.

If your child has a phone, do you monitor it? Do you read your child’s text messages, or do you feel guilty and feel that you’re invading their privacy by doing so? My daughter is almost 14 and I still randomly check her phone including her text messages and her online history. I don’t do it every day but she knows that I will randomly pick up her phone and do a quick check just to make sure I’m happy with what I see. I don’t need to read every message thoroughly but I like to make sure that I’m ok with what she’s putting out in the universe.

If you do check your child’s phone this story will make you very thankful you do, and if you don’t this story just might make you start checking those text messages. A woman from Texas who diligently checked her 9 year old daughter’s text messages thwarted a potential sexual assault on her 9 year old daughter thanks to her constant monitoring.



After finding inappropriate text messages from a grown man to her 9 year old daughter, one woman reported the issue to the police resulting in an arrest.

See how one mom's vigilance saved her daughter from a possible tragedy!