Mom Says Her Son Was Kicked Out Of Theater Showing ‘Finding Dory’

Jun 27, 2016 at 9:52 am |

People complained and they were told to leave

Let’s be totally honest here, every parent has been embarrassed by their child at some point in their childhood. If your kid has never whined relentlessly while waiting in a line at the store while people stare at you or maybe gotten just a touch too loud at a restaurant, kudos to you. I mean, I am sure every parent has been through it at some point because if we didn’t take our kids out, we wouldn’t have the opportunity to teach them how to behave properly.

One mother and her son are left angry after they were booted from a theater the were at to watch Finding Dory and it’s caused quite the debate on social media.

Credit: KIRO-TV News

Credit: KIRO-TV News

A mother is angry after she says she and her autistic son were kicked out of watching ‘Finding Dory’ because others complained.

Whose side are you on?