Mom Shares Important Message After 12-year-old Daughter Dies of Flu

Oct 31, 2016 at 1:12 pm |

Tween girl caught H1N1 strain of influenza

Have you ever been sick with the flu? For many people who have suffered the flu, it can knock you off your feet for at least a week or two.

For others, influenza can be dangerous. Most people who get flu will recover quickly, but some can develop serious problems, including children and adults over 65.

12-year-old Piper Lowrey caught the virulent H1N1 strain of influenza which which weakened her body and brought on renal failure.

Credit: CBC News

Credit: CBC News

After her tween daughter died from the flu, mom is spreading an important message that all parents need to hear.

Her mom is now sharing a very important message.