Mom Sues Hospital Claiming Doctor in Delivery Room Was Drinking, Now Baby Has Permanent Damage

Nov 10, 2016 at 1:21 pm |

This is infuriating

Having a baby is one of the most scary, exciting, nerve wracking and sometimes traumatic experiences in a woman’s life, but for most of us we’re in the hands of capable and respectful medical staff who are trained to put us at ease.

However, Sheree Sims got a bad feeling the minute Dr. Frank DeLee walked in to the delivery room where her daughter, Alex Sims, was in labor, saying she could smell the alcohol coming off him.

And now her son is forever damaged as a result, the mom claims.

Doctor in hospital writing on notepad

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A woman is suing the hospital she gave birth in following her son’s delivery claiming the doctor was drinking, resulting in her son’s traumatic birth.

They have him on video talking about drinking!