Mom Taken to Task Because She Wears Makeup Everyday and Believes Every Woman Should

Oct 11, 2016 at 10:11 am |

Do you always put your ‘face’ on?

When it comes to makeup I’ll be completely honest that I only put it on unless I absolutely have to, and that’s when I’m meeting up with other people I know or have to look presentable in some way. Otherwise, I could easily walk around barefaced all weekend long in the comfort of my own home. My husband is used to it, my kids are used to it and heck, even all of my neighbors are used to it. After all, if you can’t love the face you were born with, who else will?

Yet, there’s one mother that says she always, always puts her war paint on – even when she doesn’t have to because she simply can’t see herself without any make up on. See what she has to say here!

no makeup

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British mother-of-one Janet Murray says she simply can’t go a day without putting makeup on.

Is this shallow and vain?