Mom Teaches Son Chores So He Knows They’re Not “Just for Women”

Oct 18, 2016 at 11:18 am |

Single mom teaching son early on

When you’re a mom of boys, you know how important it is to teach them chores early.

My boys are responsible for making their own beds, putting their dirty dishes in the dishwasher, emptying out the dishwasher when they’re clean, and a bunch of other chores. Although they don’t enjoy cleaning their rooms, or their play area in the basement – they have to – just like parents have to! If they don’t take out the garbage and recycling on collecting day, they’re in big trouble!

There is always plenty of time after chores to play, enjoy video games, or play outside with friends. It’s a lesson that kids need to learn early on, so it becomes a habit – just something you do because it’s a part of daily life.

Credit: Facebook / Nikkole Paulun

Credit: Facebook / Nikkole Paulun

Mom insists her son does his chores so he realizes that taking care of the home isn’t just for women and her method is so perfect.

All kids should learn how to do household chores, but this is perfect!