Mom Wants Zoo to Put Up Signs Warning That Animals Have Sex

Aug 26, 2016 at 12:46 pm |

Caution: Animals may act like animals.

This is not a post about the debate on whether zoos are helpful or harmful. While there are bad zoos and terrible exhibits where animals are not kept properly, there are plenty of zoos that are beneficial for various reasons.

There are numbers of species going extinct across the globe, and many more that are increasingly being threatened and risk extinction.
Research is crucial to understanding wild species and population in conservation efforts. Zoos are crucial to the long-term survival of numerous species.

So zoos aren’t always there simply for human enjoyment. But this mom doesn’t seem to understand that!


Credit: Shutterstock

A mom is heading up a campaign to get the zoo to put signs up… because animals act like animals.

Is this mom for real?