Moms Are Warning Other Parents About These Disturbing YouTube Videos

Aug 7, 2016 at 10:14 pm |

This is disturbing!

Just when you thought you’ve done all the necessary steps to make sure you’ve made the Internet as SAFE as possible for your kids, we’ve got this for you. Apparently, there’s a new disturbing YouTube channel aimed towards kid viewers and it has parents really concerned.

I mean, if you didn’t already need another reason to take your child’s tablet away and turn off the screens for good, hopefully this will do it for you. Let me warn you though as some of these graphics we are about to show you are really disturbing and involve some of your children’s favorite characters, including Mickey Mouse with a gun.

And what’s really surprising is that parents are finding these videos on the child-safe YouTube Kids app.

finger family

Credit: YouTube Kids

What you need to know about the Superkidz Finger Family.

Another reason to turn off those tablets!