Moms Make Us Crack Up With Their Hilarious Truths About The Inner Dialogue Of Moms

Sep 16, 2016 at 9:30 am |

We've all been there!

The other day a friend posted a video to my Facebook timeline, writing in ALL CAPS about how she was laughing out loud and how one of the women in the video totally reminded her of me.

The video, by Cat & Nat of Social Common, hilariously breaks down all the approximately 7,951 every mom thinks about before going to bed. I guarantee you have said some of these things before!

Credit: Cat & Nat of Social Common

Credit: Facebook / Cat & Nat of Social Common

Watch these two funny moms hilariously break down the thousands of thoughts that go through every mom’s brain before they go to bed every night!

I promise, this is really, really funny!!