Do Moms Really Need To Wear Lipstick After Giving Birth?

Mar 1, 2016 at 1:10 pm |

Is it important to look good while giving birth?


Both times I gave birth to my babies, I was a hot mess. Yes, I said it and admit to it: I looked like something straight out of a horror movie because come on, I spent the last several hours pushing a baby out of my private parts. Worrying about how I looked like was the last thing on my mind.

Yet, there’s a new post urging mothers to look their best when it comes to that all-important first photo with their newborn. You know, as in don’t forget to “put on lipstick,” “sit up straight,” and most importantly, “do something with your hair.”

I mean, what’s more important: bonding with your baby or taking a perfect photo for optimum Facebook likes?


Is it important to really care about how you look like after giving birth?

Find out what the "tips" are on how not to look like a host mess in the hospital and let us know if you agree!