Mom’s Photo Breastfeeding Her Baby Through Cancer Goes Viral

Jun 27, 2016 at 10:29 am |

Nature’s biggest comfort

For some reason, breastfeeding is still a polarizing parenting topic. Some people think it’s gross and they don’t want to see it and others who are trying to normalize it, share photos of their breastfeeding adventures. Sometimes those photos cause a stir when shared on social media, but it takes a special kind of image to go viral with resounding applause.

But, that’s what happened when this mama shared a photo of her baby breastfeeding, because it’s heartbreaking and touching at the same time.

Credit: Facebook / Breastfeeding Mama Talk

Credit: Facebook / Breastfeeding Mama Talk

Anastasia Pittis shares a photo of her daughter who has stage 3 brain cancer breastfeeding and it goes viral.

She was surprised by the reaction and we are surprised by her strength.