Mom’s Response To Stranger Who Disciplines Her Kid At The Playground Is Going Viral

May 25, 2016 at 11:16 am |

She’s not kidding, either.

When it comes to my kids getting disciplined, I would like to think that the only two people allowed to set the rules or put them back in line when things get out of hand are both my husband and I. In fact, I even get a wee bit sensitive when I see one of the grandparents raising their voices at our kids, only because I mostly believe that it’s my job to be the mean mommy who tries to teach them right from wrong.

And plus, they are my babies. I’m the one who lays down the law, but I’m also their protector.

But what would you do if a stranger tried to discipline one of your kids in public?

Would you get upset?

Would you intervene?

Would you get into a shouting match with the person?

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Mom blogger Baby Sideburns responds to a stranger who disciplined her child at a playground in a letter that has now gone viral.

She’s not taking crap from anyone!