More Women Are Regretting Spending Fortunes On Their Weddings

Feb 12, 2016 at 12:32 pm |

Are We Spending Too Much On Weddings?

I didn’t have a big wedding when I got married to my husband ten years ago. In fact, we did it the cheap and easy way by simply doing the paperwork in a courthouse and calling it a day. And while I sometimes look at photos of wedding dresses and think to myself “What if?” I have absolutely no regrets about we went about our own business that day. Instead of spending a small fortune on a party, we took a trip of a lifetime to Australia and Thailand and managed to get a head start by saving money for a down payment on our house.

And it’s something I would definitely recommend that my children do too when the day comes around for them.

But now, don’t get me wrong – weddings are beautiful and a wonderful way to remember the first day of your life-long relationship with your loved one. But for us, we wanted more than just a wedding, we wanted to set up a foundation for our marriage and that’s why we opted to spend our money elsewhere.


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More women are regretting the money they’ve spent on their wedding days.

Are We Spending Too Much On Weddings?