Most Parents Give Children the Wrong Dose of Medicine

Sep 12, 2016 at 11:57 am |

This is really, really scary!

When your child gets sick, as a parent your first priority is to care for them and help them feel better. Before making the phone call to the pediatrician, you might reach for the liquid pain reliever. But have you ever stopped to think if you’re measuring correctly?

When my boys were little, I’d use the little syringe and squirt the medicine in their mouths. I’d be careful to read the instructions on the label, making sure I checked the chart for the appropriate dose by weight and age.

When they were older and able to take the medicine by themselves, I’d measure in the little measuring cups provided, trying to be careful not to overfill.

But now, a surprising new study shows parents oven make mistakes when giving their kids medicine!

giving kids medicine

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A new study says most parents are unintentionally giving their kids more medicine than they should be.

Why are parents making mistakes in measuring dosages?