Mother and Grandmother Sentenced to Prison for Giving Her Son the Drugs That Ultimately Killed Him

Oct 18, 2016 at 9:16 am |

How could a mother do this to her own son?

There are good moms, there are great moms, there are OK moms and then there are really awful moms.

I have no problem being the horribly boring, helicopter mother who makes sure that my kids are always safe and sound, because as a parent, that’s my top priority. After all, I’m their mother, not their friend and as they grow older I always want to have a loving but a stable relationship with him. And I’m sure a lot of parents would agree with me on this point, too.

That’s why the story of how one 16-year-old boy died and how his family members played a role in it, is making headlines all across the country. You won’t believe this when you read it!


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Two family members of a teen who died from a heroin overdose at an Ohio hotel have been sentenced to nine years in prison for giving the 16-year-old the drugs.

Is this justice served?