Mother Kills Infant Son by Leaving Him in the Refrigerator

Aug 23, 2016 at 4:18 pm |

Excuse me, WHAT?!

Motherhood can be tough. Actually no. It IS tough. No one can quite prepare you for the sleepless nights, the changes in your body, the exhaustion, and every other change that disrupts your previously significantly easier life. While there are some absolutely magical moments in becoming a mother, moments that you wouldn’t exchange for the world, there are also many moments where you long for a minute of peace and quiet.

This woman took it too far to gain that moment of peace and quiet. And like we could have predicted, the outcome was absolutely heartbreaking.

Police outside Angela Blackwell's house

Credit: Chester County WSOC

While motherhood is tough, we could never imagine doing this to one of our babies!!

We can't fathom what would make her do such a thing!