Mother-Of-11 Risked Her Life To Save Her Son During Pulse Nightclub Shooting

Jun 15, 2016 at 9:55 am |

Horrific and heartbreaking

On Saturday night, Brooklyn native and Orlando resident Brenda McCool went to Pulse nightclub, as she usually did, with her 21-year-old son Isaiah.

The 49-year-old mother of 11 – who is described by family and friends as an awesome, caring, loving and fun mom – said three of her last heartbreaking words to her son Isaiah before gunman Omar Mateen killed her in what many are calling the bloodiest mass murder in the history of the United States.

brenda mccool

Credit: Facebook / Brenda McCool

Brenda McCool’s life was cut short when she was tragically killed by gunman Omar Mateen during the horrific attack on Pulse nightclub in Orlando on Saturday night.

See what Brenda said to her child!