Mother Warns Parents After Baby Contracts Deadly Virus from Shopping Cart

Sep 28, 2016 at 10:02 am |

Baby boy hit with several viruses

When you go grocery shopping with your baby, do you wipe down the shopping cart? I remember carrying around anti-bacterial wipes and wiping down the cart handles before plopping my toddler into the cart. He’d touch everything, and then put his little fingers into his mouth. At one point, I remember his mouth right on the handle.

I’d see other moms placing a cute little fabric cover on the seat so that your baby doesn’t touch anything. Call us paranoid moms, but those shopping carts carry a ton of germs!

An Australian mother has warned parents about putting their children in shopping seats after her baby go severely ill after a trip to the store.

Credit: Facebook / Vivienne Wardrop

Credit: Facebook / Vivienne Wardrop

A little boy got really sick after going shopping with his mom and the grocery cart is to blame.

I had no idea this could happen though...