Need Hair Inspiration? See The Amazing Braids One Mom Creates For Her Daughter

Mar 2, 2016 at 1:53 pm |

Talk about your hair goals!

My daughter is almost 14, which means that my days of her actually letting me do her hair are long gone, except when it comes to braiding it. Her hair is quite long so if she wants it braided she’ll still ask me to do it, claiming that her ‘arms get tired’. Whatever, I’ll take it because I miss doing her hair. I actually finally gave in last week and dyed her hair ombre because she had been asking for a long time, and we all now that kids dyeing their hair isn’t the end of the world, and we actually had a great afternoon of bonding.

As much as I love braiding my daughter’s hair, my talents are limited to the french braid or the reverse french braid, and maybe if I’m feeling especially creative I’ll pull off a fish tail or a braided bun, but that’s where my talents end. One mom from Australia is giving us all braiding goals by showing off the intricate braids she does for her daughter on social media, and these braids are crazy!


Credit: Instagram / @prettylittlebraids

One mom from Australia is showcasing her incredible braiding skills on social media and giving us all #hairgoals!

See the amazing braids this mom has created!