Neighbors From Hell Think Life Should Revolve Around Their Toddler’s Nap Schedule

Aug 10, 2016 at 11:17 am |

This would literally make me move

We all know how important a nap schedule is to a toddler. After all, Hell hath no fury like the toddler who misses their afternoon nap, but is it fair for any parent to expect a neighbor to basically alter their life and their own schedule so as to not disrupt a toddler’s nap?

One Imgur user is detailing exactly what it’s like to live next door to someone who thinks that you should do exactly that, and I’m amazed this guy has managed to keep his cool for as long as he has.

Credit: Imgur User ChefShwasty

Credit: Imgur / ChefShwasty

See how one man is being driven to depression by his neighbor’s constant complaints that he’s disrupting nap time

You have to see the texts he'd receive