Nev Shulman’s Girlfriend Experiencing ‘Uncontrollable Crying’ Since Welcoming New Baby

Oct 26, 2016 at 11:39 am |

The new mom wished there was more info

MTV’s Catfish creator Nev Shulman and his love Laura Perlongo are settling in nicely to being parents.

The couple just welcomed their first child, daughter Cleo, only a few days ago. And while both the new parents are happily ensconced in that new parent fog we all feel when we have a new baby in the house, Laura is getting real about one thing she wasn’t expecting…

Instagram / @el_peego

Credit: Instagram / @el_peego

Catfish creator Nev Shulman and his girlfriend Laura Perlongo just welcomed their baby girl, but Laura is already learning how hard being a breastfeeding mom can be.

We do need to educate new mothers more!