New McDonald’s Franchise Promises Bottomless Fries

Apr 18, 2016 at 8:07 pm |

One McDonald's Franchise Is Making Your Foodie Dreams Come True

Do you have a culinary fantasy? Maybe you’re heavily pregnant and craving something weird but satisfying. Or perhaps you’re nursing (or even hungover) and immediately need to consume tons of calories.

Maybe I lost you completely with the words “culinary fantasy” and you’re away in a daydream that sinfully unites ice cream and Ryan Gosling. Regardless of what your personal yummy dream-come-true would be, somewhere in your top ten has gotta be unlimited french fries.

One McDonald’s franchise is about to rock your world with exactly that.

Credit: St. Joe's McDonald's Facebook

Credit: St. Joe’s McDonald’s Facebook


A McDonald’s franchise in St. Joseph, Missouri will offer bottomless fries, self-order kiosks, and an elaborate play area for kids.

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