New Mom’s Message About Not ‘Bouncing Back’ After Baby Goes Viral

Jun 16, 2016 at 4:41 pm |

It's about time we got real about this.

It seems like every day we’re confronted with another image of a celebrity in a body-hugging dress with a headline screaming, “Check out how gorgeous she looks just hours after pushing a baby out of her body!”

And we look down at our own paunch, maybe 4 years after having our last kid, and we think of ourselves as a failure. We acknowledge that celebrities have A LOT of help: money, trainers, chefs, Photoshop… but even on their worst days, they win. And it makes us feel bad, even though our heads tell us we should know better.

One woman’s postpartum message is going viral specifically because she’s one of those we’d assume would be in perfect shape after having a baby.

Credit: Shutterstock

A personal trainer opens up about her disappointment with her postpartum body in a viral Instagram post.

You'll appreciate her message...