New Mom’s Viral Post Asks Mothers To Stop Judging Each Other Over How You Feed Your Baby

Sep 21, 2016 at 11:54 am |

Enough is enough

Sometimes I feel like the breast vs bottle debate has been written about to death, and we need to just stop giving it any attention because all that matters is that a mother does what’s best for herself and her child. Period.

Unfortunately, women who bottle feed, whether by choice or necessity, are still shamed by others (and vice versa) and one new mom is fed up. In a now viral Facebook post she opens up about her reality of not being able to produce enough milk to feed her daughter, and the shaming she received when she finally had to supplement with formula.

Credit: Julie Coffey - New Mums The Word Facebook

Credit: Facebook / Jules Coffey New Mums The Word

This frustrated mom is opening up about her struggles to breastfeed and the shaming she felt when she had to supplement with formula.

We need to stop the shaming!