New Research Shows Conceiving in Winter Could Affect Mom and Baby’s Health

Nov 23, 2016 at 1:27 pm |

You might not want conceive a baby in winter!

When did you conceive?

With my first child, I learned I was pregnant in December, while with my second, it was April. SO I have a summer baby and a winter baby.

I found being pregnant in the third trimester during the hot summer was excruciatingly uncomfortable. My second was born in January, which was much more comfortable when I was waddling around those last few weeks.

Never did I think that the time of conception would have anything to do with my health, or my baby’s. Now, there is new research that links the time of conception to a mom and baby’s health.

baby bump

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There’s new research that says conceiving a baby in the winter can really affect both mom and baby’s health for the most interesting reason.

Would you try to conceive during a particular season? This might change your mind