New Study Shows Delicious-Looking Laundry Pods Are Deadly

When you’re hungry and you look for something to eat, your senses tell you what would satisfy you. You know from experience that there’s chocolate contained within that wrapper, that cereal comes in a box, that there’s a banana in that peel.Toddlers see the world differently because they don’t know, well, just about anything. So they stick every last thing they can find into their little mouths in order to experience them. And often, the shinier and more colorful, the better.If you’re thinking that I just described those ultra-convenient and remarkably appealing laundry pods, you are correct. And news just came out that indicates they’re more dangerous than we had even realized.

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Credit: Pat Sullivan/Associated Press

Anna Gebert

Anna is a freelance writer whose name is spelled and pronounced just like the princess in Frozen. She unabashedly loves coffee, Chipotle, gardening, and rare moments of solitude. Follow her work on Hot Moms Club for a daily dose of humor, sprinkled liberally with sarcasm. Her Twitter handle is @avgebert

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