New Study Shows That Giving Women More Time To Push Might Reduce The Rate Of C-Sections

Mar 24, 2016 at 10:12 am |

Could one more hour make that big a difference?

I’ve had four children and three of them were born by caesarean section. I won’t lie, I felt robbed of my birth experience each time I was cut open and not allowed to deliver my sons the old fashioned way, especially since my first vaginal delivery was relatively uneventful except for a small episiotomy.

While I went in to labour with my first child naturally and actually delivered her on her due date, my second child was a different story. After going 10 days overdue I was induced, only to have an emergency c-section 24 hours later when they thought there was a possible cord issue (there wasn’t, his head was just at an odd angle so his neck was bending when I contracted).

For my third child I opted for a VBAC but after going 11 days over due and not labouring naturally I was sectioned again. My 4th child came only 14 months after my 3rd so I had no choice in the matter, I had to have the caesarean. And while I’m confident that the doctors did all they could to try to give me the vaginal birth I wanted and only had the health of my babies in mind, there’s always that little piece of me that wonders what might have happened if we just waited a little longer with my second?



New evidence points to giving more women time to push while in labor might actually drastically reduce the rates of c-sections.

Could giving women more time to push while in labor reduce the c-section rate?