Non-Parents Confess What They Hate Most About Parents and We Don’t Know How to Feel

Nov 2, 2016 at 10:48 am |

Are parents really this annoying?

Whenever I talk to childfree friends of mine, I almost always have to stop myself short from constantly yapping away about my two kids. I just can’t help it sometimes, considering at their ages right now they just happen to be my entire world. As pathetic as that my sound, I know that things will change once my kids grow a little older and are more independent. For now, every weekend consists of family time whereas in a few years I know it will be “me” time again.

Yet, all of this non-stop talking about how our children did their first poo in the potty and the endless play-by-plays about their first steps, words, laugh, meltdown, nightmare and so on can get really, really annoying. That’s why plenty of childfree people want us to SHUT IT already. Here’s just a few things some people say they hate the most about parents. And I have to say, I agree with plenty of these!

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Here’s just a few reasons why childfree people hate talking to parents so much.

Do you agree with any of these?