Olympic Hopeful Shares Real Images of Post-Baby Stomach And The Changes After Childbirth

Mar 22, 2016 at 3:21 pm |

Even amazing elite athletes deal with stretch marks and saggy skin!

Recently we’ve seen a lot of women in the fitness industry posting pictures of their pregnant or post baby bodies. We’ve sat in awe at how they seem to just bounce right back after baby or have bumps so tiny it’s almost unfathomable.

We’ve all chalked it up to being in super great shape before they got pregnant and taking great care of themselves while growing a life inside of them. Or, to a smaller degree, just having really great genes. But not every mother who is an elite athlete has a super flat stomach five minutes after delivering their baby.

Stephanie Rothstein Bruce is a 32-year old professional runner who is hoping to qualify to run for Team USA in the Olympics. Stephanie is sharing her personal journey on her Instagram page of being an elite athlete who took a break from training to have two children.

Stephanie Rothstein Bruce Instagram

Photo Credit: Stephanie Rothstein Bruce Instagram

Elite athlete and Olympic hopeful Stephanie Rothstein Bruce is sharing how she’s getting back in training form after taking time off to have her two children.

Runner shares candid and real photos of her body after baby.