One Man Comforting A Stranger’s Baby On A Flight Proves There Are Still Good People In This World

Sep 14, 2016 at 10:28 am |

It takes a village – even on an airplane!

A few months ago my family embarked on an exciting winter break trip to Colorado. We took Southwest Airlines for the first time and because we’ve never experienced the airline’s different boarding rules before, we were a little unprepared.

My husband and I expected to sit by our children on the flight (who are both 8 and 6), but didn’t realize that we had to pay attention to the special family-only boarding announcement. We got on the plane late and with only a few scattered seats left, my husband managed to find two seats for him and our son while my daughter and I were left with no option but to sit separately.

Honestly, I didn’t her sitting in several rows behind me and was hoping that someone kind enough would give up their seat so we could be together. My hope slowly began to diminish as my daughter and I were left standing in the middle of the aisle for a good five minutes with no one on our fully-booked plane willing to make a move.

Luckily, a single gentlemen in his mid-20s gave up his seat and all I could think of what that if I were flying alone, it wouldn’t have taken me 10 minutes for me to move my seat. I would have done it before even being asked to, especially for a parent that just wanted to sit next to his or her child.

That’s why this random act of kindness that a stranger did for a struggling mother simply blows me a way, and in a positive way, too. It also gives me faith that there are truly good people out there in the world.

Credit: Facebook / Andrea Boyd

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