One Mom Is Absolutely Livid After Her Ex Got Their Son’s Hair Cut Without Her Permission

Oct 12, 2016 at 11:44 am |

Would you get upset too?

A few years ago my husband gave our then 3-year-old son a buzz cut and let me tell you, I was pissed. I mean, it’s one thing to totally cut your child’s hair off and it’s another thing NOT to inform your spouse before you do it. What if I had a special photo session planned or if there was an important event coming up like a wedding, christening, reunion or something else of that nature?

I understand that it’s just hair and that it will grow back, but I do think both parents have a say when it comes to your child’s appearance. That’s why one mom is absolutely livid when she found out what her ex did with their son’s hair and the way the whole situation went down. And quite honestly, I don’t blame her for being upset, too!


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Would you be p*ssed if your spouse or ex cut your child’s hair without asking you first?

And she has a good reason behind it, too.