One Mom Is Getting A Lot Of Sh*T For Admitting She Wipes Her 6-Year-Old Son’s Butt

Sep 6, 2016 at 9:04 am |

Some moms admit to wiping their kids’ butts up to age 12!

When it comes to my children, I will be the first to tell you that I am the meanest, most horrible, awful, no-good mother in the world. Why? Because I make my kids brush their teeth every morning and every evening before they go to bed. I make them take their dirty dishes and clean them off in the kitchen sink. I take away their privileges when their beds aren’t made and believe me, my kids know better than to leave their school socks lying around the house (actually, make that my kids and my husband).

From the time they could walk, talk and fully understand the meaning of chores and responsibilities, I’ve made it clear that their bodies are their responsibilities and that if they make a mess, they clean it up. I often remind them that I am their mother, not their housekeeper or personal assistant and that’s why I refuse to do things for them that they should be doing themselves. That’s why I simply can’t wrap my head around the fact that there are still parents out there that are wiping their children’s butts…. at the ripe old age of 6, too. Oh, and I’m not saying this metaphorically, either.

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One mother sparks a fierce debate after admitting that she still wipes her 6-year-old son’s butt.

Which side of the argument are you on?