One Mom Is Getting Blasted For Lying To Her Daughter About Her Dead Pet

Nov 21, 2016 at 2:11 pm |

To lie or not to lie...

Over the summer my husband bought a pretty big fish tank for us to enjoy and take care of at home. You’d think it would be a pretty easy thing to take care of, but we quickly learned there’s so much more to taking care of fish than simply just feeding them every day and cleaning out their tank. Just like people, fish tend to have different personalities and some simply don’t get along with another. We learned that the fast and hard way when one fish in particular (we called her Miranda), got territorial quick and became the tank bully.

Unfortunately, because of Miranda two other fish perished (Amanda and Medium Joey), with my son discovering their lifeless bodies before anyone else did. Sure, it was traumatizing but my husband and I were very honest as to what we think might have happened. There were plenty of tears from both of my children but because we are dedicated pet owners, we gave both Amanda and Medium Joey (there’s a small Joey still living in the tank) the proper burials and good-byes they deserved, as one would do of course.

But yet one mother is getting slammed for not being very honest about a pet’s death with her daughter that some people are openly criticizing her for being a liar. Of course some think it’s OK to simply say “I don’t know what happened,” but what his mom did is pretty cruel.

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One mother is getting slammed for not telling the truth about a pet’s death.

Would you lie to your kids?