One Mom Is Getting Slammed For Giving Her Daughter A Unicorn-Inspired Haircut

Sep 21, 2016 at 11:48 am |

Do you think a little girl should color and cut her hair like this?

We recently allowed our 8-year-old daughter to pierce her ears for the first time and it was a BIG DEAL. It was a major moment in her life as it made her feel quite special and “big,” especially since we gave her the responsibility of taking care of her ears hygienically by cleaning them every night. She’s at an age in which she is putting more effort into the way she looks while paying more attention to details like her hair, clothes, nail polish color and of course, accessories.

But when it comes to doing something simple like getting a haircut, she literally freaks out. Because she wants her hair long, she gives me a hard time about taking her to a salon to get a trim done. And because she won’t let me even cut her hair half an inch, she hasn’t asked me to have it styled or colored in any different way than she already has.

I’m sure a lot of parents are very cautious and careful with allowing their kids to experiment with their hair and that’s why one Florida mom is getting a lot of praise —and criticism— for doing something for her daughter that other parents would never even fathom.

You’ve got to see this for yourself.


Credit: Instagram / Mary Thomaston

This mom is hitting back at criticism after giving her 6-year-old unicorn hair.

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