One Mother Is Outraged After Her Hospital Penalized Her For Doing Something Very Natural With Her Baby

Oct 5, 2016 at 9:40 am |

This is getting ridiculous

After I gave birth to both of my babies the first thing I wanted to do was hold my babies, feel them, smell them and breathe them. I mean, I’m their mother after all, right? Yet, I couldn’t imagine someone telling me that I don’t have access to my child or worse, putting some kind of restriction – or heaven forbid penalty – on that first skin-to-skin contact I have with my newborn baby.

But for one mother, that’s exactly what happened.

Sure, she got to hold her baby after giving birth to the hospital, but what she realized happened when she got home will absolutely blow your mind. As mothers living in this country, something has got to be done because this is absolutely crazy.

newborn baby

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One mother reveals she was charged $40 to hold her newborn baby at the hospital.

This is yet another example of how ridiculous our insurance companies are getting.