One Mother is Reminding Parents To Always Put Their Children’s Helmets On As Her Own Daughter Is Fighting For Her Life

Aug 11, 2016 at 11:18 am |

This mother’s emotional plea is absolutely heartbreaking.

Call me neurotic or simply call me crazy, but I’m one of those parents who is pretty much obsessed with my children’s safety. This of course means that you always buckle up when your in a car (that’s a no brainer), always hold an adult’s hand while crossing the street (another no brainer), keep your hands away from the hot stove and of course, always put a helmet on while you’re riding your bicycle or scooter outside (among many, many other things).

I mean, no parent wants to see their child suffer and that’s why Emma Fairthorne’s emotional plea is pulling just about everyone’s heartstrings. Her daughter, George Fairthrone, is now fighting for her life following brain surgery at a hospital in Cardiff in Wales. Emma’s message is one that every parent has to hear.

Emma Fairthorne

Credit: Facebook / Emma Fairthorne

British mother Emma Fairthrone has recorded an emotional plea for skateboarding safety on Facebook.

See what she has to say here