One Mother Took Her 6-Week-Old Baby On A Walk In Her Stroller When She Faced Every Parent’s Worst Nightmare

Oct 14, 2016 at 11:48 am |

Every parent's worst nightmare

For all of us moms and dads who are helicopter parents that always watch our kids with every step they take, there definitely is a reason for it. With all the freak accidents happening in the world today (and in this week alone!) you’d wonder why no one has invented glasses that can be worn in the back of our heads that we could see through.

But for one New York City mother, she is going through every parent’s worst nightmare when the unthinkable happened to her 6-week-old daughter. This is truly heartbreaking! And while the family is grieving this awful tragedy, friends and neighbors are wondering if this could have been prevented.

baby and elevator

Credit: New York Post/Screenshot

A baby died this week after plunging down an elevator shaft in a New York apartment.

Warning: this is incredibly heartbreaking and tragic!