One New Mother Is Proving That Skinny And Healthy Always Don’t Go Together

Sep 7, 2016 at 11:25 am |

Mum on the run

I’ll admit that when I look in the mirror I always don’t like what I see. After two pregnancies, putting my boobs through breastfeeding and the up and down battle I’ve had with my weight over the years, my body has gone through some pretty ugly moments in my life. But I won’t say that I hate it. In fact, more often than not I’ve learned to accept who I am and how I look like even though I can’t help but wish some small improvements could be made here and there (I’m talking to you, stubborn love handles).

Yet, one mother and blogger is reminding us once again that we shouldn’t always criticize what we see in the mirror. In fact, Mum on the Run Laura Mazza is sharing before and after pregnancy photos in a poignant post on why we should always strive to love our bodies no matter what we see – or we think we see.

Credit: Laura Mazza/Facebook

Credit: Laura Mazza/Facebook

One mother is sharing pictures in an effort to prove to other mothers that they should love the body the have, regardless of their weight.

Because skinny doesn't always mean healthy...