One of the Largest Hospitals Still Has Mothers and Babies Died Needlessly During Birth

Nov 28, 2016 at 9:52 am |

Report reveals clinical errors, poor staff attitudes and chronic shortages

How much faith do you have in your doctors and hospitals?

Even though I may have reservations about medical care, I have to trust that doctors and nurses are professionals and put a patient’s needs first. We all put faith in the medical profession to save lives, and do their very best to maintain a high quality of care and service.

When a nervous mother-to-be goes into hospital to give birth to her baby, she is vulnerable and completely freaked out. She depends on hospital staff to take care of her, and her unborn baby.

But one popular hospital has done just the opposite.

mom in labor

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One of England’s largest hospitals has revealed they’ve had a strong of avoidable deaths and there’s a lot of concern.

How much faith do you have in your doctors and nurses?