One School Bus Driver Is Being Called A Hero For Putting Her Students Lives Before Her Own

Sep 14, 2016 at 12:40 pm |

Hero bus driver

Talk about a parent’s worst nightmare. Surely, every parent out there expects their children to be in safe hands when they drop them off at the school bus stop and see them come home the same way, too. That’s why many are calling one school bus driver a hero for putting her own safety at risk after she managed to save 20 children from what could have been a serious tragedy.

This just goes to show that we really do need to be thankful for the school administrators, staff members and school bus drivers that go above and beyond to take care of our children every single day. This story really does give “jumping through hoops of flame” a new meaning.

school bus

Credit: Credit: ABC News

There’s a new report that says students were safely evacuated from burning school bus in Maryland.

You won’t believe what happened!